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How Can an Aging Life Care Professional® help during a Crisis?

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In these unprecedented times, Aging Life Care Professionals® can be essential in helping manage and alleviate stress associated with caring for your loved one.

First and foremost, an Aging Life Care Professional® will help you assess the situation for your unique family. Due to the vulnerability of the aging population in this crisis, many families are struggling with the decision of whether to bring their parents back home and assessing who can care for them. With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, this is an understandable and important question, although any consideration of a move should not be taken lightly, especially with so many unknowns about the future. Aging Life Care Professionals® help families examine each unique situation and provide expert guidance about developing the best plan.

For those residing in retirement communities, an Aging Life Care Professional® has working relationships with the communities in their geographic area of expertise. As such, they are aware of present safety precautions in place, as well as processes that are currently in place to ensure their residents’ are getting the essential services they need. These services include access to meals, social engagement, caregiving and nursing support. Through these longstanding working relationships, an Aging Life Care Professional® can help provide remote advocacy with the professional and caregiving staff onsite to ensure that these services are providing the best possible care for your loved one during this time.

For adults remaining at home during quarantine measures, an Aging Life Care Professional® can help provide expertise and guidance in order to ensure the best care. This includes assessing what level of caregiving support your loved one will need at home, such as how to handle getting groceries and supplies to the home, how meals will be prepared, and how you will keep your loved one socially connected in a way to prevent isolation and depression.
These are complex issues that each family needs to weigh the risk and benefits pertaining to their own situation. An Aging Life Care Professional® can help you navigate this decision and support you in implementing a safe plan.

An Aging Life Care Professional® is an accredited professional who provides excellence in comprehensive services for aging adults and their families. To find an Aging Life Care Expert in your community, you can search online at aginglifecare.org.

Wendy Miller, LCSW-C, is an Aging Life Care Professional® practicing in the Annapolis, MD area and can be reached at 410-834-1452 or wmiller@annapolisseniors.com for consultation services.

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